It’s dog coat (aka frakskes) season!

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, Christmas, New Year, new resolutions, but also Frakskes weather! Frakskes, watte? Dog coats! They keep our puppers warm, but let’s be honest, also very fashionable. 😏 So time to put the most popular dog shops for doggo frakskes of the Dogs of Antwerpen Community in the spotlight!

Via the Dogs of Antwerpen Instagram I saw a lot of dog coats passing by on everyone’s stories. From large frakskes, to miniature frakskes for small doggo’s, and from ‘less is more’ frakskes to ‘a lot more’ frakskes. So what are the most popular dog coats of the community? I asked you all where you buy them and these were your answers. Let’s dive in!
    1. Horta Beveren 
      Recommended by @life.of.nala.and.molly. Horta Beveren is your allround gardening shop with an expertise in animal products. They don’t have a webshop. But let’s be honest, going to a gardening store is like going to an event. Love it!

    2. Tom & Co
      This one is recommended by @gastonlepetitgarcon
      Gaston is a big fan of thicker frakskes to keep his belly warm. For that, he goes shopping in Tom & Co Kontich. Curious what they have to offer? Check out their website!


    3. Feline & Finn 
      Another winner for Gaston is Feline & Finn. A local based dog shop in Antwerpen with the cutest dog merchandise. Gaston loves the dog rain coats of Feline & Finn. Find all products via their website.

    4. H&M 
      Draai of keer het, H&M has jumped on the dog clothing boat. And man, are they good at it! They started off making clothes for small dogs. I could know because I always wanted to buy matching outfits for me and Lucy, but she was always too big for these cute sweaters. But now, H&M is also going strong in the large dog clothing! @vonne.__vizsla is a huge fan of their cute sweaters. Check out the webshop for the outfits!


    5. Hurta 
      Another one of Vonne’s favourites is Hurta for their ‘adventure rainfrakskes’. Hurta is a very known dog brand for the adventures pup, and also stylish pup! Vonne’s most favourite feature about the rain coats? The long legs!


    6. Mud robes 
      @Sirnelsonrufus is more a fan of the mud robes! Have you seen a mud robe? It’s genius! It also keeps your car (semi)clean. Nobody can guarantee your car stays 100% clean with a dog. 😅


    7. CHEW hondenparadijs 
      OMG have you checked out CHEW doggy paradise? It’s located in Knokke and it’s a shop and trimming salon all in one! And they have the most fashionable outfits for your dog. Pst, they also have an online shop. 😉 It’s one of @sir_jerom‘s favourite shops!

    8. ZARA
      Yes, Zara followed H&M into doggo teritory because they started a dog fashion line! @Mari_ksslr finds them to be very comfortable to put on and off. No struggle before going out in the cold and your dog stays warm!


    9. Knitted by grandma 
      Nobody can argue with grandma’s knitting skills. 😍 @Nanoudufraing has a cool grandma who knits the frakskes of Otis! Do you have family of friends who knit outfits for your dog? If yes, show them to me! I’m very curious!


    10. Ohgreen
      Do you know 51 degrees north already? Together with Hurta, it’s one of the most famous brands for their dog wear. @Marcelandthecity finds their coats to be sturdy, practical and fashionable. I cannot disagree! @Kingscottthefirst is also a big fan. He finds them to be easy to clean and very comfortable to wear.


    11. GoFluo
      my personal favourite: gofluo. It has everything you need to keep your dry, warm and visible on the streets! And the best? You can match your outfit with your dog! SOLD! Check out the matchy outfits here! Oh, and you can switch up colors by turning the coat inside out. 2 coats for the price of one. Yes, call me coupon lady!


So, time to dive into the possibilities because winter is not over yet! If we’re doing the same winter as last time, it will be snowing in March! 😅 Happy shopping cuties! 
Oh and please show me your frakskes on Instagram! Tag @dogsofantwerpen in your posts and stories!
Jowkes, Ciaokes, (b)aaikes!
Jill Cools
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