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The best dog swimming spots in Antwerpen

Summer is here! This means beach bars, cocktails and beautiful sunsets! But this also means sweaty armpits, difficulty with finding the best outfits and a hot pupper! 😂 Are your ready to dip your toes into some cool fresh water? We’ll help you out finding the best spots! Learn more about the best dog swimming spots in Antwerpen!

Okay, so it isn’t that difficult to find some swim spots in Antwerpen for your dog, but you just have to know where to look. And Dogs of Antwerpen did the research for you! I’ve divided the swimming spot in ‘closest to home’ which is very close to ‘t Stad, and into ‘a bit towards the parking’ which is a bit further outside of the city center. #sorrynotsorry Having a hard time keeping your dog cool during the summer? Check out the blog post about the 6 best tips and tricks to keep your dog cool!

Closest to home

1. Park Spoor Noord
📍 Ellermanstraat, 2060 Antwerpen

Okay, technically this is not a place to go swimming but you’ll find a large fountain here. Your dog will love running around in the water! Just be aware there are usually a lot of kids running around here, so keep your pup on a leash and near you.

Another perk is that there is a summer bar right in front of the fountain. I see a win-win situation!


2. Lambermontplaats
📍 Lambermontplaats, 2000 Antwerpen

Another technically ‘not-swimming’ spot but your pup can definitely wet his paws here. In the middle of the Lambermontplaats, you have a statue with water at the bottom of it. If your dog is on the leash, I see no issue with a quick dip. Just remember he can’t do any ‘bommekes’ here. It’s a quick in and out! But perfect if you’re in the city center and your dog really needs to cool down fast.

3. Dog park Gallaitlaan
📍 Gallaitlaan, 2610 Antwerpen

This is a tiny but fun dog park in Wilrijk! You can find multiple agility objects here and your dog can take a dip in the natural lake which is in the dog park. And since it’s a dog park, he can play and swim off leash!

4. Middenvijver
📍 Corner Blan
cefloerlaan – A. Van Cauwelaertlaan z/

middenvijver linkeroever

n, 2050 Antwerpen 5

This is a favorite one of a lot of members of our dog community. You’ll find a lot of dogs running 

around and taking a dip here. This is an actual swimming spot which means it’s (normally) deep enough for your pup to stretch his paws. And you have a little beach and some benches to relax while your dog is enjoying the water.

❗️ Blue Algae

Since this “lake” is really tiny, it heats up fast in the summer. This might sound great if you want to take a swim, but it’s important to stay up to date about the Blue Algae. When water stand still and is heated up fast, it’s a perfect breeding ground for algaes. Algaes are not dangerous to swim in, but they are if you drink it. And since we can’t tell our pups to not drink the water, you should take this into account when you want to go swimming.

5. Sint-Annastrand
📍 Wandeldijk 1, 2050 Antwerpen

Did you know Antwerpen has a beach? Yes! It’s at Linkeroever and if you step into the water, you’re stepping into ‘t Scheld! Be aware that your dog has to be on the leash, and it’s best for his safety as well. ‘T scheld has a strong current so you really want the safety of the leash for your pup. But it’s a nice spot to chill for a moment and cool down after a hot summer city day!

A bit towards the parking

1. Warandeplas
📍 Haarlebeek, 2275 Lille

Ho hoo, you’ll love this one! Near De Lilse Bergen, you have a dog park at a lake called Warandeplas. This is a very popular swimming spot for dogs since they can go off leash here. The water is also ‘algea-safe’ since the water ski club nearby makes sure there is enough circulation in the water which prevents the algea from settling.

I’m still looking for more tips on where to go with your pup to take a dip! Do you know more cool locations where to go? Drop ‘em in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

Enjoy this summer!

Jowkes, ciaokes, (b)aaikes!

Jill Cools
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